Thursday 25 February 2010

Chesterfield Canal Maps - Improved and Re-styled

The maps in our Chesterfield Canal - A Richlow Guide have been improved to the standard of our other guides.

The Chesterfield Canal was the first Richlow book and it reflected our design capabilities at the time. But now John Lower, our Map Master, has used the skills he acquired in the production of subsequent guides to replace all the maps in our initial publication.

Monday 22 February 2010

Updates pre-February 2010

Narrowboat on the Trent - A Richlow Boaters' Companion
Page 15     Channel Markers.  Picture caption - "green" cones now mark the starboard side.

Lincolnshire Waterways - A Richlow Guide
Page 8      Navigational Information.  Be aware of the Boston Rowing Marathon Race - Third Sunday of September, annually over the 31 miles from Lincoln to Boston, with often 200+ boats taking part. The start is below Stamp End lock, Lincoln, usually from 09.00 onwards.

Page 17 (Map 4)     We are told, but have not seen, that the Barn Nursery Tea Room, 1 mile from Five Mile House bridge (no.9) has re-opened - and is popular with users of the Water Rail Way path.  01522 793727

Pages 22-27     The Water Rail Way (footpath/cycleway linking Lincoln and Boston) has been completed.  On maps 7, 8, 9 the route uses a quiet lane on the west side of the river from Kirkstead Bridge to Langrick Bridge.  Walkers can also use the footpath along the flood bank.

Page 28    There is now a mooring pontoon at Anton's Gowt on the River Witham.

Pages 28, 49     Access to the South Forty Foot Drain via the Black Sluice Lock at Boston is now possible.  The South Forty Foot Drain is now known as the Black Sluice Navigation.  Richlow has already boated these new waters and, as a result, newly supplied copies of this guide include four extra pages of information.

Page 29 (Map 10)   The Black Sluice Navigation coloured as "navigable".

Chesterfield Canal - A Richlow Guide
These updates refer to the guides published 2008-10

Page 10 and Map 1     Navigational information - Visitor Moorings at Wharf Bridge (81).  No overnight mooring.

Page 14 and Map 3     The Post Office at Clayworth has now closed.

Page 16 and Map 4     The convenience store and Post Office at Clarborough has re-opened.  The Gate Inn, near bridge 62, has closed for conversion to housing.  The Hop Pole pub, near bridge 59, is due to re-open Easter 2010 after renovation.

Map 9     The pub at the head of navigation, near Dog Kennel Bridge (31), has re-opened after renovation.

Page 30 and Map 11    Early 2010.  The towpath has re-opened at Staveley, after major road construction, but a temporary surface and/or diversion may be experienced until work on the new Town Basin has been completed.

Page 40     In the current financial turmoil the status of the pubs on the canal is changing continuously.  Some are closing for the winter, others are closing "for refurbishment" with unclear opening dates.  We recommend that visitors contact a pub in advance. 

Page 41     Tapton Lock Visitor Centre.  Closes for lunch 1300 - 1345 all days.

Yorkshire Stone to London - to Create the Houses of Parliament

Pages 15, and 31    Two information panels installed.  One in South Anston village, the second on the towpath of the Chesterfield Canal at Kiveton Park, where the stone was loaded into the boats.