Monday 29 October 2012

Updates - October 2012

Chesterfield Canal  -  A Richlow Guide
Page 24. Shireoaks Marina Pump-out
The self-operated pump-out facility has been out of action for some time.  Please check with the regional CRT (p41) if this may be a problem on your cruise.
Page 24Stret Lock
The narrowness of the chamber of this lock has caused problems for decades, some narrowboats finding they could not pass through.  This applied to some converted working-boats, but also to modern craft built with slightly extended base-plates.  But the good news is that CRT has today started a major project to solve the problem, scheduled to be completed by 10 December.

Page 36 New slipway at Staveley Town Basin
Slipways section.  The recently opened Staveley Town Basin (map 11) has a slipway.  Usage can be arranged by contacting Tapton Lock Visitor Centre, Chesterfield.  Contact details p41.