Tuesday 17 September 2013

Updates - September 2013

Chesterfield Canal - A Richlow Guide
Page 12 and Map 2.  Drakeholes  -  White Swan pub
With pubs closing and re-opening so often we don't usually include them in the Updates blog.  But the White Swan at Drakeholes has a high profile on the Chesterfield Canal and its recent closure is more significant.  With pleasant moorings across the road, and a popular cruising range from West Stockwith basin, many boaters made it their first/last stop on the canal.


Hopefully the White Swan will re-open in the future.
Lincolnshire Waterways
Page 14.  Brayford Pool Visitor Moorings
The Brayford Trust has now provided visitor moorings in Brayford Pool.  They are on the south side, immediately after the road bridge across the entrance to the Pool, where Lincoln Marina used to be.  It's necessary to contact the Harbourmaster in advance.  The fee for overnight mooring includes electricity.  01522 521452
These facilities are in addition to the CRT visitor moorings, the site of which is unchanged.
Page 40.  Slea Navigation - April 2014 Update  -  Open for Navigation
The silt barriers, which formed below Taylors (formerly Bottom) Lock preventing boat access, have been cleared by dredging.  So the Slea is open for navigation.  But, April 2014, there is still a silt problem below Cobblers Lock, the current head of navigation, where full length narrowboats have previously been able to turn.
Until this problem is resolved all boaters wishing to navigate the Slea should contact the Sleaford Navigation Trust  -  page 57 under the heading "Inland Waterways Groups"  -  to ascertain the latest situation.
Page 57. Contacts
The telephone number for the Brayford Pool Harbourmaster remains the same.
Lincoln Marina should be deleted.

South Pennine Ring - Part 2
Page 9.  Pub List
The Tunnel End pub is currently closed for business.  Advisable to telephone to check.
Page 24. Moorings
Delete the reference to moorings near a pub.  See above.
Page 26.  Moonraker
Unfortunately the popular Moonraker tearoom-boat has left Slaithwaite, near lock 23E.  We hear it has moved to Lincoln  -  we will check this out in the spring.