Tuesday 22 January 2013

Updates - January 2013 (2)

Chesterfield Canal
Map 1.  West Stockwith Lock (65).  The final approaches to the lock, on the Trent, will be dredged by March 2013.
Map 4.  Whitsunday Pie Lock (60).  The bottom cills and gates will be repaired during March 2013.
Map 7.  Between Manton Viaduct (45a) and Kilton Lock (52), Worksop.  The canal will be dredged during the early winter months of 2013.
Maps 7 and 8.  Between bridges 42 and 41a, at Worksop.  The towpath will be upgraded with a full replacement of its surface in Jan-Feb 2013.
Map 8.  Stret Lock (48) at Worksop.  The work to widen this lock was completed in late 2012.  The chamber has been rebuilt by CRT with a clear width of 7ft 0.5ins over a draught of 2ft 9ins.  CRT are working to the dimensions of the 1968 Transport Act which states that this canal should allow for craft 72ft long, 6ft 11ins beam, and a draught of 2ft 6ins.
Maps 8 and 9.  Between Worksop and the feeder at Kiveton Park on the summit pound. The canal will be spot-dredged during the early winter months of 2013. Also overhanging vegetation will be trimmed back.

Dredging-pans and push-tugs in Shireoaks Basin (map 8).
1 February 2013.

Monday 7 January 2013

Updates - January 2013

North Yorkshire Waterways
Page 50.  River Foss.  Castle Mills Lock
The email for IWA North Yorkshire, to arrange operation of the lock, has been changed to   See Map 15.
South Pennine Ring - Part 1 of 2
Page 7 and Map 4.  Rochdale Canal.  Add - there is strictly no mooring between locks 38 and 44. (In a CRT email dated 5 December 2012).
Lincolnshire Waterways
Page 53.  Bardney Boat Club.  New entry - contact details
Location, on Maps 4 and 5.