Friday 30 May 2014

Updates - May 2014

Chesterfield Canal
Page 16, Map 4.  Clarborough, new shop
The Kings Arms, on the village's Main Street, now has a new, well-stocked, Spar shop in its car-park.  Currently open every day, 6am to 10pm.  It's a pleasant walk up from Clarborough Top Bridge (62).  (Our thanks to Tony and Helen of nb Holderness for letting us know the shop had actually opened.)

Page 41. Contacts.  Tapton Lock Visitor Centre. 
The telephone number is now 01629 533020.  Calls will be answered by the Clay Cross Countryside Centre and forwarded to the appropriate staff at Tapton Lock.
Lincolnshire Waterways
Page 40, Map 13.  Slea Navigation.  Halfpenny Hatch Bridge.
The lowest bridge on this waterway, it now has arrows on both faces indicating the location of the main channel.