Friday 27 June 2014

Updates - July 2014

Lincolnshire Waterways
All of the Fossdyke and River Witham maps and Navigation Notes  -  Visitor Moorings
The permitted duration of stay at CRT Visitor Moorings has been increased from 24hrs to 48hrs  -  with the exception of the following  -
Torksey Cut (Trent side)  -  72 hrs
Torksey Lock (Fossdyke side)  -  72 hrs
Saxilby  -  72 hrs
River Witham
Bardney Lock - 72 hrs
Boston visitor moorings  -  5 days  (even though an incorrect sign by the moorings currently says "7 days"!  This situation will be corrected by CRT.
The signage to indicate the general increase to 48 hr stay duration is due to be installed by the end of August, but is in force now. (July 2014).