Friday, 17 February 2012

Updates - February 2012 (2)

Narrowboat on the Trent
Page 36  Keadby Lock Size.  Length Restriction.  About 60ft is the normal length restriction on boats using Keadby Lock.  The chamber is 67ft according to the lock-keeper, but other considerations are the wide walk-overs within the chamber on the river-end gates, which tillers can rise up under.  Longer craft can only pass through when the tide in the Trent makes a level with the canal and all gates can be opened, by prior arrangement with the lock-keeper.  This means waiting outside on the tideway for appropriate conditions, and is not recommendedNote, that such craft will only be able to proceed as far as the similar-sized Thorne Lock.
The chamber of Keadby Lock is wide enough to accommodate three narrowboats abreast.

Narrowboats, having come in from the Trent. The centre one is 60ft long, plus fenders. On the right is Richlow's flagship Madeley Wood, with John Lower on the roof. Note, he is wearing a life-jacket.

Narrowboat on the Trent  Post Free

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