Thursday, 7 February 2013

Updates - February 2013

Lincolnshire Waterways
Page 12, text for Map 2. Walking and Cycling.  The towpath is now the Fossdyke Canal Trail, extended from Burton Waters to Saxilby in 2012.
Page 22, text for Map 7. The side-waters Timberland Delph and Billinghay Skirth have been added to the map. The Navigation Notes now contain information on pointing-doors, channel details, and turning points.

Approaching the "pointing doors" at the entrance to Timberland Delph.

Inside the entrance to Timberland Delph.  The locals rarely see boats on this waterway.

Richlow's Madeley Wood on the delph.

No wonder the locals were watching  -   Madeley Wood was not alone!

Madeley Wood exiting Timberland Delph, back onto the River Witham through the pointing doors.

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