Monday, 1 July 2013

Updates - July 2013

Lincolnshire Waterways
Map 4.  Old River Witham
At the time of writing navigation is not possible along the course of the Old River Witham, access to which is immediately below Bardney Lock.
A boom has been placed across the river by CRT  -  put in place to catch weed coming down the Old Witham which has previously created navigational problems on the modern navigation.
Therefore, passage up to the Tyrwhitt Arms is not possible at the moment.  We are currently discussing the situation with the regional CRT and the local IWA.
Map 13.  Slea Navigation
We have heard there is a sand-bar below Taylors Lock (formerly Bottom Lock), and this is effectively stopping navigation of the Slea.  Of course these situations change, so we are currently advising boaters to contact the Sleaford Navigation Trust before entering the waterway.  01522 689460.

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