Friday, 22 August 2014

Updates - August 2014 (2)

Narrowboat on the Trent
Page 38  Aegre Timetable.  The annual timetable for the aegre (tidal bore) on the River Trent is not now available on the public-access website

Richlow raised this problem with the EA, and asked that the information be, once again, available via their public-access website. And that the search terms be expanded to include eg Trent tidal bore, etc, instead of expecting the public to know yet another spelling of the name of this event.
EA replied that they no longer display the information because it is not the navigation authority for the Trent, and, therefore, will not be doing so in the future.
However, the same aegre timetable, same data, same format, is available on   It's the first item on the drop-down menu under the Local Information tab.
We have also found that the timetable can still be obtained by telephoning EA on 08708 506506 or via  You will need to ask them to search their in-house system for "aegir" (the spelling the EA uses).  They will then email, or post, the timetable to you.  It's not clear how long this facility will remain.

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