Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Updates - December 2011

Chesterfield Canal
Map 11.  Staveley.  The canal now has water in it from Chesterfield to the new Staveley Basin. It will take until approximately the middle of January 2012 to fill the basin.  Meanwhile the towpath remains officially closed in the area  -  however, walkers and cyclists have continued to use it.  Those doing so should note that in the vicinity of Hall Lane Bridge (12) the path is very muddy across its entire width, and for a considerable distance.  This is a result of the heavy machinery working in the area.

If you wish to see the new basin, there is a good view from Hall Lane, Staveley (down the hill from the Library). 

The whole project is another success for the Chesterfield Canal Partnership  -  and the gap between the two restored sections is reduced yet again.

The new basin at Staveley beginning to fill.  The water is still shallow, but it shows what the Chesterfield Canal's latest feature will look like.

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