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Images of - South Yorkshire Waterways

South Yorkshire Waterways guide - available from 

The Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation (SSYN) which includes the Don Navigation, and the New Junction, Stainforth & Keadby and Sheffield & Tinsley canals.
These waterways probably have the widest variety of navigational features, and the same can be said of the surroundings  -  including flat rural fenland and a climb to a city centre.
As a result the following pictures only give a taste of the SSYN, but hopefully they will encourage boaters to visit these surprisingly remote waterways.
They were taken in 2011 during Richlow's research for our South Yorkshire Waterways guide.  Richlow guides  -  Written by People Who Go There!
These are wide waterways, no need to look for winding holes.
On the right is Humber super-sloop Spider T on her Keadby home mooring.  She took part in the Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames in 2012.


Commercial traffic uses the New Junction Canal and the Don Navigation (here at Mexborough) so they are even wider.

There are many types of bridges  -  this one on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal is operated by the railway signalman.

Whereas, this one on the New Junction Canal is power-operated by boaters.

Some locks are manually operated - others look as if they are but this one at Thorne is also power-operated.

Other locks are somewhat larger, and are obviously beyond balance-beam pushing!

And this is how the large modern locks and moveable bridges are operated.  Insert a BW (C&RT) key and press the buttons.  It's a controlled operation, with lock paddles gradually opening to prevent turbulence.


Lock-side posts have white bands which rise and fall to indicate the position of the paddles.  Here one shows the paddles have started to rise - at this stage they will be opening very slowly.


The SSYN has canals  -  as here at Thorne which is the major boating supplies centre.


It also includes the River Don  -  here between Rotherham and Sheffield, with a weir clearly marked.


And it has a canal over a river  -  the New Junction Canal crossing the tidal River Don.

Yes, there is commercial traffic  -  that's why boaters have the luxury of power-operated bridges and locks.

This is Humber Pride, but the Goole-Rotherham run is usually done by her sister Humber Princess.  Once or twice a week.


Humber Princess at Aldwarke, showing why the locks are the size they are.

The Richlow guide has tips and information about sharing the SSYN with girls like this.

Humber Princess has a retracting wheel-house for this bridge at Aldwarke.

Beyond the head of commercial navigation, the stretch between Rotherham and Sheffield is more pleasant than may be imagined.

Tinsley Locks, on the climb up to the summit level of the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal

On the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal  -  overhead one of Sheffield's modern trams, which provide a good way to explore the city and its suburbs.

The Richlow guide includes information on Sheffield's events and entertainments, and public transport to visit the surrounding Peak District.

The final mile to Victoria Quays is typical of the approach to a city centre  -  but most of the industry has moved away from the canal.

Richlow's flag-ship Madeley Wood in Sheffield basin (Victoria Quays).  A pleasant and surprisingly quiet location.

We hope these pictures may tempt you to visit this part of the national waterways network.

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