Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Updates - June 2012

South Pennine Ring  -  Part 2
Map 16, page 28, Huddersfield Narrow Canal
Seller's Tunnel (23), Huddersfield (See Navigation Notes, Towpath Notes and Text).
On our visit on June 1st, workmen were still completing works to the navigation and towpath. A new lock 3E has been constructed just upstream of Chapel Hill Bridge - this is the third in the history of the canal! Seller’s Tunnel has effectively been abolished and the canal raised to ground level upstream of the new lock. The towpath is now continuous between Chapel Hill Bridge and Longroyd Bridge (25), so walkers now only need to divert between Chapel Hill Bridge and Queen Street Bridge (22).

Important note for boaters - there is still no pedestrian access along the towpath to Lock 2E, so boat crews must be picked up and travel on the boat between locks 3E and 1E.

Looking upstream from Chapel Hill Bridge.  Just behind the photographer are steps leading up from a landing for boat crews.  Beyond the new Lock 3E is a 200ft passing place and the new narrow canal channel which replaces Seller’s Tunnel.  Construction work continues on the new development on the right.

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